Welcome To Advanta Group Ltd

Advanta Group Ltd was setup in 2001, since then we have come along way and now have different divisions and trading names to make it easier for customers when browsing our products.

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Advanta Manufacturing is the main part of the business setup in 2001. This area is where we manufacturer and print on over 4,500 Promotional Items and Advertisng Gifts, from mousemats to passport holders

Advanta Products was setup in 2004 and sells to individuals a fantastic range of pre-printed items. You can order quantities of just 1. We have products with images of dogs, cats, sunsets direct to you. Plus we are adding more and more items for your pets such as dog beds.

Printable products, is a site designed for printers where you can order un-printed items for you to make yourself.

Custom Software saving you time and money

We had to write a custom Facial Recognistion clockin system for our own business. We have had so many comments from visitors asking where they can buy one we setup this small site to sell those machines

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